Rental terms and conditions

Best Bobilutleie AS rents motorhomes, vehicles, caravans and tents for recreational and commercial use. Best Bobilutleie AS is the Rental Company and the renter or customer is the user of the said vehicles, caravans, and tents (the rental objects). The Rental Company enters into a rental agreement with each renter for rent of the rental object. The terms of such agreement are as follows:


Rents are paid through our electronic booking system, which is located on this internet page, or through other ways of paying through our booking system HQ Rentals. If, for some reason, direct deposit is required to our bank account, 50% of the rental price must be paid for the booking to be valid. The remaining 50% is paid 30 days before the rental period starts, or before. Our account number is 1506.15.55193. We take a 4000 NOK deposit. The renter does not pay the deposit, which will be withheld on the renter’s credit card upon pick-up of renter’s vehicle.

Cancellation of booking

If a booking is cancelled earlier than 60 days before the booking, the full rental amount is refunded to the customer, however, an administration fee of 950 NOK is deducted. If a booking is cancelled between 30 and 60 days before the beginning of the rental period 50% of the rental amount is refunded. If a booking is cancelled 30 days or later before the rental period begins, or that a renter does not show as agreed to pick up his or her rental object, no rental amount is refunded.


Pick-up and drop-off of the rental objects occur between 0800 and 1600 on weekdays. Other times for pick-up and drop-off can be agreed upon subject to an administrative fee of 1000 NOK. Requests of changes to the pick-up and drop-off time must be submitted 24 hours in advance of the agreed upon time for pick-up and drop-off. We reserve the right to decline any change to the pick-up and drop-off time. If a late drop-off results in a delay for the next renter that have booked that specific rental object, additional expenses may apply to the renter such as: hotel costs or the cost of renting another vehicle.

No need to clean the outside of the rental object, but the renter should do the following:

  • Clean the inside of the rental object. The renter can buy this cleaning service for 1750 NOK upon early-booking. Return of a dirty rental object is subject to 700 NOK per hour cleaning fee and a 1750 administrative fee.
  • Empty the water tank and the toilet (if the rental object has one). Toilet and water tank emptying service is 750 NOK.
  • Opened gas bottles are considered used. Price per gas bottle for motorhomes costs 900 NOK.Please fill the fuel tank of the vehicle. The rental company charges 20 NOK per liter to fill the fuel tank for a renter, which is also subject to a 250 NOK administrative fee.


All drivers must be 25 years of age, and have had a license for at least 2 years. Drivers younger than 25 years or with a license for less than 2 years are subject to an additional fee of 600 NOK. All our vehicles are under 3.5 tones and can be driven on a regular driver’s license (class B).


Parking tickets, speeding tickets and other tickets that the renter has not paid will be charged the renter’s credit card after the fact, subject to an administrative fee of 250 NOK. Most vehicles that have AUTOPASS will charge the renter toll road fees afterward (with VAT) subject to a 250 NOK administrative fee.

Renter’s responsibility

Each rental object is inspected with the renter upon the commencement of the rental period. The renter is responsible for the rental object in the entire rental period. The renter is responsible for controlling/adding the necessary oil, water on the radiator, etc. We presume carful use of the rental object so that the rental period becomes a success. If your rental object has a toilet beware to use the right toilet paper, for chemical toilet use, and the right toilet chemicals. Each rental object is animal- and smoke free. Any breach of this is subject to a 7000 NOK fee. Please see the rental object for more information.


  • The rental company abides by Norwegian law. Each rental object has CDW insurance, however, the following conditions apply:
  • The insurance does not apply if the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.  The insurance does not apply to negligent or reckless driving.
  • The rental company’s deductible is 12000 NOK per accident, which means that the renter must pay 12000 NOK per accident unless otherwise agreed.
  • Damage inside the rental object is not covered by the insurance and will be assessed and invoiced the renter. The renter’s credit card/deposit will thereafter be charged the damage.

NB! Renter has to fill out the damage declaration!


The rental company does not compensate lost vacation or loss of income if damage is inflicted due to engine failure of the booked rental object. Paid rental amount and deposit are returned in full. The rental company will do its best to find a replacement rental object. If errors/damage occur during a rental period, the renter will be refunded the rental amount equal to the amount of days left of the rental period, however, not if the repairs/replacement rental object occurs within 12 hours. If, however, the error/damage is due to the renter, no refund is given. The rental company is not responsible for any delays/loss of vacation due to errors or problems with the rental objects themselves.

Personal data

The rental company collects personal data that the renter voluntarily provides. Customer and all drivers of the vehicles agree that the rental company store personal data. The rental company will not pass this information onto any other company other than the insurer of the rental company and authorities responsible for any traffic, parking, road or other offences.